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Different industries face different levels of scrutiny from regulatory bodies. This answer helps determine how much risk you face when it comes to fine amounts.
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The average reporting rate is 1.4%. Depending on the number of people your company employs, you could save hundreds of hours a year by streamlining your case management solution.
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Do you meet or exceed the benchmark average reporting rate of 1.4%? If not, there could be risk areas you’re not aware of, bubbling beneath the surface.
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Offering a variety of reporting channels can increase your reporting rate, surfacing risks you were previously unaware of and helping you protect your company from investigations and fines.
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Your policy management solution should make it easy for employees to find relevant, up-to-date policies at a moment’s notice.
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When your employees can find the information they need at a moment’s notice, your team is free to work on more impactful initiatives.
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With the right data, your compliance team knows exactly what risks they’re facing and how to protect the business, engage employees meaningfully, and shape an ethical culture.
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When you have a streamlined compliance solution with all your tools and data in the same place, your job gets easier. We’ll tell you exactly how much easier next.